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Special Session (offer available through Jan. 31, 2015):

Come with a question and discover how my Six Ways Through™ tool can help you get information from the most meaningful, powerful sources available to you.

Includes a deck of six cards with instructions to support you in creating a new practice and a new way of relating to yourself.

Sessions are in person at my Redmond office. $89 for one hour. (Normally $135)

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On Procrastination

Where there is resistance, there is self-protection. Have you been putting something important off... and beating yourself up about it? Try journaling on the questions below to shift your experience of procrastination from one of self-criticism to one of self-compassion:

What am I resisting?

Where do I feel resistance?

What must be protected?

Think about ways you can both keep yourself safe AND move into action.
Structured teachings and exercises for navigating transitions and new beginnings, plus exclusive access to online support.

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